Dead Animal Removal

Dead Animal Removal 2Dead animal carcasses can show up in all the wrong places:  yards, attics/crawl spaces, flues/duct work, fireplaces, under decks/patios, etc. The causes are many:  disease, injury, predation, starvation, etc.  Most people are uncomfortable handling dead animals because of:  disease concerns, decomposition, putrid odor, flies/maggots, inaccessibility, etc.  In addition, no local agencies will remove carcasses unless they are on the curb of a city street or in the street. [The Colorado Springs number for that service is 719-385-5934.]  We are equipped to retrieve, pick up and properly dispose of animals up to large deer.  We will also treat the immediate area for odor control.

deaddeer1  Dead Animal Removal 3

We have more information on this service coming soon.  If you have a dead animal or suspect one, call us at 719-636-1014 for assistance and prices.