Fox Eviction and Removal

redfox1Three species of foxes occur in the Pikes Peak Region:  the red fox (Vulpes vulpes), gray fox(Urocyon cinereoargenteus) and prairie swift fox(Vulpes velox).  The most familiar and common is the red fox.  Although native red foxes can be found at high elevations in Colorado, our local variety is descended from foxes released from fur farms in the Black Forest area in the 1940’s. They are very common in urban/suburban areas.  They are very comfortable around people, often denning under sheds and porches.  They are rarely a threat to dogs, but they frequently kill and eat housecats.  Fleas, rank odors and remains of kills can be a real nuisance.

urbanfox  Fox Eviction 3

The salt ‘n’ pepper-colored gray fox is native to the rocky foothills along the Front Range, but they are no longer common due to parvovirus in the past and competition with the invasive red fox.  Swift foxes are short-grass prairie animals native to eastern El Paso County.  They are common in places.  Neither gray foxes or swift foxes are much of a nuisance.

We regularly evict red foxes from dens too close to people and live-trap/relocate them.  We’ll have more information about fox biology, problems they cause and solutions we provide coming soon.  In the meantime, if you have a fox problem or concern, call us at 719-636-1014 for an assessment and prices.