ss1Sharpshooting is a special form of hunting, more like sniping than more traditional forms.  It is more secretive and discreet, usually conducted in rather public areas but where you don’t want local people to know what you are doing.  Weapons may include regular firearms (rifles, shotguns) using sub-sonic, low velocity ammo; suppressed firearms using sub-sonic ammo; or appropriate air guns.  The objective is to use effective, but quiet, safe (short-range) weapons/ ammo, especially in suburban/urban settings.

Strategies may include setting up over a bait station, a known travel way or a den site when targeting mid-sized predators (coyotes, foxes, bobcats).  The use of calling devices (mouth or electronic) to draw target animals to you can be very effective.  When targeting coyotes, trained decoy dogs can be very helpful to do the same thing, especially during the mating and denning seasons.  Air guns can be very safe and effective in reducing rabbit populations around structures, especially in suburban settings.  Another application is the use of appropriate air gun shooting to remove pigeons from barns, warehouses, big-box stores and aircraft hangers.  This method is usually done after-hours or at night.  In rural or agricultural settings, the use of predator calls and conventional weapons/ammo is standard procedure.  It is very effective.  We can provide any of these services.

Sharpshooting 2

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