Wildlife Damage Repairs

In some cases property owners have had a history of wildlife damage but measures were never taken to repair the damage or prevent a recurrence.  Left unattended, these scenarios often invite further damage.  An example of this is when property owners opt to do exclusion repairs themselves after we have removed the animals, but don’t get the repairs done.  Sure enough, sooner or later, they’re calling us for the same problem again.  Common examples include failure to install a chimney cap or to screen off animal access under concrete porches or storage sheds.  Another scenario is a history of seasonal damage but no measures were ever taken to prevent damage or do repairs. A classic example is repeated woodpecker damage to siding, including wood, fiberboard or even stucco.  Unrepaired holes are a “welcome mat” to woodpeckers to do further damage.  Or, other species may utilize this ready-made housing:  starlings, nuthatches or tree squirrels.  Whatever your unfinished repairs, we have the experience and expertise to get it done.

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If you need help with wildlife damage repairs, call us at 719-636-1014 for an assessment and prices.